Best Belt Drive Garage Door Openers

Belt drive garage door openers are well known for their smooth operation, making them better than chain driven garage openers. If your house was designed and built with an attached garage, a chain drive model threatens to be a nuisance to your sleep, therefore considering a Belt-drive garage might be a better remedy.

Belt-drive garage door openers come in different designs but the Chamberlain emerges the best and has earned itself positive reviews. Chamberlain WD1000WF which is estimated at $265 tops as the best reviewed Chamberlain version but that does not rule out the availability of Chamberlain WD962KEV that goes for around $240.

WD962KEV can be used as an alternative to WD1000WF in instances where one is ignorant of the state of his/her garage door opener. All in all Chamberlain WD1000WF stands out as the best by possessing all the significant features of the older opener. In addition, its internet connectivity is very fast and it has a powerful Horse Power Similar, as stated in the manual.

Chamberlain WD1000WF owns features that make it a standard measure. It has a built-in internet gateway that enables it to gain control over Smartphone, tablet, system updates besides being MyQ enabled. To vehicles that have HomeLink remotes in them, they blend well with Chamberlain WD1000WF. Power shortages are curbed and avoided by the availability of a battery backup and any entry by prohibited people is identified by a motion sensor found in the multi-Function control panel, which detects even the slightest movements. With an aim of boosting the security, it has double multi-Function remotes for cars and wire free keyless entry system.

The Home Depot Chamberlain HD950WF that goes for close to $270, is almost similar to Chamberlain WD1000WF considering the specifications, how it works and its monetary value. This Chamberlain HD950WF wins the hearts of many technology reviewers, who claim that once it is installed, no performance challenges are experienced.’s John R. Delaney embraces those features saying that both apps of Android and iOS are supported and are easy to use though not flashy.


Reports from users are encouraging. The Chamberlain WD1000WF is rated 4.7 stars at following to more than 400 reviews. At, HD950WF earns a 4.4-star rating out of 340 reviews. Chamberlain door opener pleases many users although connectivity, HomeLink compatibility issues, and installation challenges affect other people.


Chamberlain WD962KEV is all available, well taken and well known. Although not as powerful as the WD1000F, Chamberlain WD962KEV’s 3/4 HPS motor can perfectly handle all residential situations. The significant difference is that, though WD962KEV is MYQ enabled, it is deficient of gateway to connect to a home network. In order to take advantage of the opener’s appealing functionality, you can buy a Chamberlain CIGBUMYQ internet Gateway at $50. The owners of the Chamberlain WD962KEV are always happy to use it claiming that it is very quiet. Out of close to 990 reviews, it receives a 4.6-star at


Garage door opener has its fair share of negative sides to the users, sometimes they might find missing parts in the carton, shortness of some drive belt for their set up leading to buying of an extension kit like the Chamberlain 8808CB Feet Belt Drive estimated at $70. Because of the changes in technology in 2011, users with older vehicles need to buy the Chamberlain Car 2U Repeater kit close to $35 to solve the issue of incompatibility between the older vehicles and HomeLink which made people disappointed.

Chamberlain WD832KEV review

In matters of cost, ½ horsepower similar garage door opener might be the best pick. The Chamberlain WD832KEV at an estimated cost of $200 surpasses others when it comes to choice by the users. With A lower ½ HPS motor, it lacks battery backup, unlike Chamberlain WD962KEV. HomeLink compatibility is unavailable; maybe not a major challenge of the frustrations brought by WD962KEV. WD832KEV enjoys a 4.6-star rating at, gathering more than 1,175 reviews. Users enjoy it once it is installed, though the path to completing the job isn’t smooth. At, though with a smaller number of users, WD832KEV earns a 4.5-star rating with a smaller 93% of users saying that they may consider recommending it to their friends because of the experience they have had with it.


Issues on self-installation can be dealt with appropriately with Chamberlain-made garage openers available on LiftMaster versions, sold through professional installers. Despite specifications and features varying, the installer will always match them up, making sure they achieve their desired expected results. The local installers can be found at the LiftMaster site and they get to help the user with installation getting rid of any possible issues during the installation process.

The Genie SilentMax 750 that can be bought at a cost of $180 gives a powerful ¾ Horse Power Comparable motor. It contains two pre-programmed vehicle remotes, multifunction interior wall controller, rolling security codes, a wire-free entry pad and safety sensors, all these features ensure that it executes its purposes very well and in an effective manner. Though not internet capable out of the box, that functionality can be induced or rather inserted through the optional Genie Aladdin connect module that is available at roughly $120, to ensure it achieves the intended purpose. It is HomeLink and Car 2U compatible with no battery backup making it prone to power shortages.

Enabling HomeLink to work hand in hand with Genie Silent Max 750 opener can pose a challenge, according to reviews. Just like the Chamberlain opener, feedback on installation gets different reviews from the users, some are positive while others are negative. A lot of people say that installation is a snap that is it is handled with great ease others say it is anything but older reviews criticize the instructions, but give a lot of credit to them with recent feedback claiming that they are clear and helpful, making us believe that Genie has made some upgrade in that line. At, this is the main seller of this opener, with close to 390 owners, 98 percent of the owners giving recommendations and giving it a 4.8-star rating.