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Many people are cautious about how they spend their money on items. They will always consider getting value for their money, which makes them the recommended users of chain-drive garage door openers though they are noisier than belt-driven garage door openers. Chamberlain PD612EV is a full-featured chain drive opener for a residential garage door. It’s very budget friendly, available at a cost close to $160. It is a ½ horsepower opener, reliable and with a lot of features attached to it. Its feedback is highly positive from different retailers. For instance at users rate it at 4.5 stars after 375 reviews whereas at sold as Chamberlain HD420EV at a price of about $160 it gets a 4.2 star with close to 425 reviews.

Complaints brought forth vary. Some complain on how the unit is structured for 7-foot doors with extension kits for taller door available, this annoys owners because it brings them additional expenses that are unplanned for. Some units are claimed to be falling out of the box or after a short moment when the installation has been completed, besides cases of missing parts go without say, they cripple the performance of this chain-drive garage door opener. Chain drive openers are always criticized to a great extent for their noise but PD612EV comes in as a substitute since it works in a satisfactory quiet operation. Most owners acknowledge the ease of installation and its value making it worth using and one that they will always want to own.

Chamberlain PD612EV review

The Chamberlain PD612EV possesses a number of features that are appealing to the users. It has Chamberlain MyQ compatibility put inside it assuring that you only need the Chamberlain CIBUMYQ Internet Gateway available at roughly $50 to gain full control on opening, closing, checking garage door status through a free Smartphone or tablet app. It has two multifunction car remote controls, a motion sensor multifunction wall-mounted control, safety sensors that project an invisible infrared beam that if broken while the door is closing, it will stop and move in a backward motion and a keyless exterior keypad in addition. The PD612EV uses a rolling security code for additional protection against break- ins by unauthorized individuals. The absence of battery backup is compensated by a manual release that ensures the garage door is closed or opened in the event of any power failure that may cripple its performance. The similarity of a Home Depot exclusive chamberlain HD420EV and Chamberlain PD612EV is put in doubt by the fact that the warranty of Chamberlain HD420EV covers the motor for only 10 years while the PD612EV comes with a lifetime motor warranty. In both, parts are covered for two years with accessories covered for one year.


The ¾ horsepower Chamberlain PD762EV that is sold at a cost of about $180 is a stronger garage door opener, possessing an amazing feature indeed. It is almost identical to PD612EV, but it does not consist of a keyless entry control pad. In case you are in need of the exterior keypad, it is available separately as Chamberlain 940EV Garage keyless entry available at roughly $40.

Chamberlain PD762EV reviewChamberlain PD762EV bags a 4.4-star rating at after more than 160 reviews. It ensures that owners get great value for their money and an almost quiet operation and easy installation. Despite the nice results some users claim of challenges of installation that they may have encountered by using it besides they have been reported cases of missing parts and the need of purchasing accessories such as internet gateway which gives consumers additional costs. The problem with the named garage door openers is that mostly you have to fix it yourself which with no shadow of doubt comes with frustrations especially when you have no knowledge on how to fix it. To those who are good at the hands-on activity they have a reason to smile since the installation process will not bring them any headache or frustration since they are gifted in that line. An installer will play a great role to those people who do not know how to install, that problem will be catered for in a more accurate way. One can purchase a LiftMaster version of the same products. The characteristics may be different but with a smaller margin, despite the overall execution of work, problems related to installations are similar. The products are sold via dealers who are also installers who will carry out the installation activities once you have bought the product from the site of the LiftMaster ensuring that no challenges face you.