Best Direct Drive Garage Door Opener

best direct drive garage door opener

This garage door opener does not depend on a chain or a belt to accomplish its purpose. As a result of screw-drive garage door openers, the newest direct drive opener stands out without facing threatening competition from other garage door opener. It has a spring-tensioned chain which is stationary, with a motor moving along the chain as it facilitates its operation, as a result of that feature it has earned a nice review from people who use it, they describe it as a noise free garage door opener and indeed it is noise free in its execution of functions.

Sommer 1042V001 review

It is manufactured in Germany and sold using different brand names besides model numbers though they are still the same. They come in the following versions that are, the Direct Drive 1042V001 that can be purchased at a price of close to $230, the Direct Drive 1042V004 that is estimated at a price of $230 last but not least the Sommer 550 that goes for a price of about $280. They are very reliable. TUV NORD an independent European agency claims that it can work for more than 80,000cycles without requiring any maintenance. It is covered by a lifetime warranty with accessories covered for a period of two years. It receives a lot of compliments that almost dim the complaints which are very little.


The Direct-Drive Garage Door Opener has a wired interior control pad, two car remotes, and safety beam sensors that will bring the door to a halt in case it identifies and detects anything on its way. Rolling remote-control codes plays a big role in preventing unauthorized people breaking in. The 550 pounds and ¾ horsepower motor is enough for a large number of residential garage doors. It is HomeLink compatible even with the new the newer vehicles, the older vehicles need a Repeater module in order to align and blend well with the present HomeLink protocols. The Direct Drive 4078V001 wireless keypad that is about $35 is a step up version. The Direct Drive 1042V003 at roughly $300 is available, but unfortunately, it does not go a long way in convincing users that is of great value.

Shortcomings have also taken a place in the Direct-Drive garage door opener. The opener is slow when compared to both the Chain-Drive and Belt-Drive models. The need to buy extension kits imposes additional costs to the users. Programming issues and HomeLink compatibility brings some problems that may cripple their performance to a certain level.

At, the Direct-Drive is rated at 4.7 stars with 96 percent claiming to recommend it to friends. It is endorsed with this high rating due to the lack of complications when it comes to installing it, thus making easy. At the Direct-Drive 1042V001 scores a 4.5-star rating. It carries along complains concerning its defective openers, installation problems and issues with HomeLink compatibility. Most users hail it for how it executes its operations quietly whereas the Sommer 1042V001 has a rating of 4.6.

The Sommer 1052V001 that goes for approximately $250, it is structured for up to 1,200 pounds door making it strong for residential users who will prefer it. Its reviews are less compared to those of ¾ type but it still stands at a rating of 4.1 star that is fine from 50 reviews according to The Sommer 1052V000 operates at a slower speed to enable a lot of lifting power for heavier doors.