Garage Door Safety Information

The garage door is one of the most hazardous parts of your home. It is extremely heavy. Even an 8’ X 7’ “pan” door weighs 75 lbs, and a 16’ X 8’ wood door can weigh up to 1000 lbs. A “light” door can fall with enough force to seriously injure or kill an adult. Furthermore, several of the parts that operate the door are under extreme tension, making them very hazardous to work on without the proper tools and knowledge.

The following is a list of garage door safety guidelines:

1. Never allow children to touch a moving garage door, or to be underneath an open door. There are several “pinch points”, and if the electric opener is not adjusted properly, there is a very real danger of being crushed to death should a child, or animal, become trapped under the door while it is closing.

2. If you have an electric opener that does not have safety eyes, replace it with one that does. Any electric opener manufactured for sale in the U.S.A. since 1992 will have safety eyes.

3. When running a garage door manually, never place your fingers between the door sections, this is a very dangerous pinch point.

4. Safety eyes should be installed no higher than 6” above the ground.

5. Test the force settings on your garage door opener once a month.

6. Never work on a garage door without the proper knowledge or tools.

7. Never attempt to fix torsion springs, bearings, cables, bottom brackets, or any other part that is under tension unless you are a professionally trained garage door technician.

8. Be aware of how your door sounds. If it begins making any loud popping, grinding, or screeching noises, call a professional.

9. If your door gets hit by a car and the bottom rollers are out of the track, DO NOT remove the bottom roller bracket, it is under extreme tension and will shoot upward as soon as it is removed. People have lost fingers doing this.

10. If your door is lifted by extension springs, it should have a safety cable that runs through the spring and ties off at each end to prevent a broken spring from flying. People have been killed by broken extension springs, and vehicles are damaged by flying parts frequently.

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