Good Storage for your Garage: Tips!

When people think about their garage, they often imagine mess, clutter, junk, but mostly disorganisation! The garage is often treated like the junk room and it ends up like a maze of random stuff which no one can face. This text aims to identify and discuss great storage solutions and top tips to keep any garage looking spic and span! For the purpose of this text, the budding garage organiser will be known as the garage master.

Useful Information

For project spic and span there’s an array of potential de-cluttering items available at a wide range of retailers. The products acquired will depend on budget (biggie), ease of access to materials, types of junk, and time restrictions. Some useful items for project spic and span are: screws, hooks, shelving and boxes at bare minimum. Garage storage solutions can be found at a range of retailers whether it’s online (Amazon or Ebay), in store (Argos or B&Q), or in small local DIY stores.


General Storage

Boxes are best when stacked, placed on shelves, or attached to walls. This enables the garage master to organise and categorise junk. It is even more effective if boxes are labelled or transparent! Hooks or large screws are essential for lifting large, heavy and bulky items from the floor, the sorts which are always in the way! This includes ladders, chairs, large tools, and outdoor toys. Shelving and overhead storage is great for getting smaller items off the floor area and an ideal place to put seasonal or occasional items like Christmas stock, sledges and party goods. The top tip here is that shelves with holes or slots are perfect for stray mops, brushes and rakes.


Kitchen Storage for the Garage!

Items which come in the form of a roll, like bin bags and tape can be stored on a kitchen roll holder. This organises and keeps all items quick and easy to find and use. A magnetic organiser like a rack or bar usually used to store kitchen utensils is a great idea for a garage, and a convenient place to put tools which need to be relatively accessible on a weekly basis. This includes objects like hammers, screwdrivers, scissors and many more! The garage master can use science to their own advantage on this one!


Recycled old jars and cans are an excellent way to store brushes, pencils, screws, and nails and more to the point they are FREE! All of those bulky, soft, lighter items within the garage still need a place to stay too! So, try using old bungee cords to keep everything tied up, and accessible. This includes items like cushions and pillows, pet beds, teddies, and sports equipment.


Organisation of garage area need not be a daunting task; it is only a case of setting a little time aside, planning, and the collection of some storage options. This will make the garage, the garage masters oyster, so to speak. De-cluttering the garage could be a fun and challenging project, and a great way to show off skill and perseverance using before and after photos!

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