Good Tools for Your Garage

A garage isn’t just for storing the car but it can also be a place for keeping tools, bikes, and household items. Whatever role the garage plays in a homeowner’s life, it’s without a doubt a useful part of the house. This guide provides some of the most essential tools that every garage owner needs to have.

Hand tools

Not everyone thinks about hand tools as power tools seem to get all the attention these days. But in actual fact, hand tools are the most dispensable equipment for enthusiastic DIYers. Every garage owner should have a basic set of tools such as wrenches, a hammer, tape measure, pliers, mallet, wire strippers, and more. Even those who are on a limited budget are recommended to start with hand tools before moving on to power tools.

Air tools

No garage should be without an air compressor as it saves a lot of time when it comes to putting up a new fence or using the traditional nail gun. Air compressors are also handy when it’s time to switch from summer tyres to winter tyres. Even those hard to reach areas in the house can be dusted with the help of an air compressor. Whether it’s a small unit or a heavy duty compressor, there is no question as to how valuable an air tool is.

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Electrical tools

Many different electrical tools can be highly useful for working on cars. Tools such as multimetre and electrical test light are helpful for any type of electrical troubleshooting. As long as the homeowner understands how to correctly use them, these tools will be handy in many situations.

Cleaning tools

No-one likes to work in a dirty garage. It’s not just embarrassing, but safety is also an issue. Having a wet/dry vacuum is a must-have item as well as a good quality push broom to keep the floors clean. For oil changes, the car owner should have an oil drain pan handy. In case there paint or oil spillages on the floor, an abrasive blast cabinet will be necessary as well as hot water pressure washers to remove the grease and tough stains from surfaces.

Vehicle repair tools

Those who do their own car service in the garage should have additional tools to work with. A good tool for car repair is a floor jack. A simple version of this equipment should always be in the trunk of the car in case of flat tyre. However, investing a little money on a good quality floor jack is a good idea for the comfort of changing a flat tyre in the garage. A solid floor jack is much safer and saves the car owner a lot of time and effort. The other accompanying items aside from floor jack are jack stands and brake bleeding kit. These tools are essential for repairing the car in the garage.

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