Reasons to Inspect Your Garage Door Each Year

There are many good reasons to inspect a home’s garage door each year, typically as part of a larger garage inspection. This article covers just a few.

A garage that has not been inspected can be more vulnerable to burglars; in the worst cases, this can make one’s entire home more vulnerable. Small cracks in the garage door, for example, can be turned into a vulnerability to be exploited by those who would attempt to enter through the garage. If a homeowner uses their garage as a storage space for goods or appliances, or it features windows, this risk is even greater.

A garage that has not been inspected is also a safety hazard. Although damage to one’s vehicle can happen by parking it poorly even in a well-maintained garage, completely unexpected hazards such as fire can occur due to a lack of garage maintenance.

What can be done? Obviously, garage repairs are difficult to conduct by oneself. A garage is a massive machine of paint and concrete, and signs of damage or wear are not always obvious, even to experienced homeowners. Although one can find guides from different municipalities on how to inspect one’s garage, these typically favour informing the reader of relevant local laws, rather than telling them to how to fully perform an inspection themselves.

Indeed, although it may seem like an additional, unneeded expense, it absolutely is necessary as an average homeowner to hire a professional to inspect one’s garage each year. Such professionals are not only capable of finding even small problems with one’s garage, they typically are able to carry out the repairs themselves as well.

In most instances of garage damage, even if a problem can be spotted, a professional is the only person who can fix it. Therefore, the risk of missing something versus the reward of saving some money is a very bad gamble for all but the most perceptive and knowledgeable homeowners.

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