LiftMaster 8550 Review

liftmaster 8550 garage door openerLiftmaster 8550 is a belt-driven garage door opener. Unlike many of the cheaper chain-drive units commonly found in existing homes, it runs smoothly and quietly. This garage door opener has a timer-to-close function that will automatically close your door, which is prefect for people who are prone to forgetting to close the garage door.

Liftmaster 8550 has a backup battery. With this unit, you can still raise and lower your door at least a couple times in an emergency situation with no power.

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The New MyQ Technology Is Cool

wall control panel

It has some great features. The wall control panels tell us the temperature in the garage. The timer-to-close function help us to close the doors automatically on a timer we set. The wall control panels can tell us if there is something blocking the sensors. It stops the doors from closing if they sense anything.

Motion Detecting Light

There are two bulbs on each side of the opener, rated at up to 100 watts each. If someone enters the garage, The lights go on automatically when the doors open. Just imagine on dark mornings when the sun is not out yet and we have to go to work, how great the lights come out when they sense us. However, if you have a garage with natural daylight, the motion detector will still trigger the light even when it’s not needed. You can turn the motion detector off via the control panel settings if you find it annoying.

LiftMaster Garage Door Monitor

Liftmaster 829LM Monitor

Liftmaster 829LM Monitor

This indoor sensor can let us know if the garage doors are open. If your garage door opener is old and noisy, you can hear the doors being opened so you know if someone had come home. Liftmaster 8550 is super quiet that you can no longer hear them inside the house. The Garage Door Monitor let you enjoy both visual and auditory confirmations of the current status of your garage door. The beeps from the monitor reminds you at least one door is open. The volume is adjustable and you can also turn it off entirely. A solid green light assures you your doors are closed. If you do realize that you forgot to shut the door, you can simply hitting the Close button.

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The LiftMaster 8550 MyQ Internet Gateway and iPhone App

828LM LiftMaster Internet Gateway

828LM LiftMaster Internet Gateway

The myQ Internet Gateway and iPhone (or Android) app let you open or close your garage doors from almost anywhere. To make Myq Internet gateway work you need an available ethernet port on your network. The Serial # on the bottom of the gateway is used to configure the LiftMaster app. Then simply plug the gateway into your network and plug it in for power.

First you’ll need to register at, then download the LiftMaster App to your phone. Log-in via the app and enter the Internet Gateway as a new device. After that the app has been connected to liftmaster 8550. You can check the current status of your garage door (open or closed) and a record of recent activity. What’s more, you can open and close the door remotely just using your iPhone and a cell or wifi connection. The remote access can also be handy for letting someone into the garage when you’re not home.

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Battery Backup

Liftmaster 8550 has a battery backup so if the power goes out, we can still open and close the doors a couple times in an emergency situation. Without this feature, your heavy garage door might start feeling more like a prison gate than a convenience.

Liftmaster 8550 Operation & Noise Level

If your garage is directly attached to the house, you really need a quiet garage door opener. The LiftMaster Model 8550 is a belt drive system that runs smoothly and quietly.


8550 belt drive opener

From Internet access, to smart control pads, to battery backup functionality, Liftmaster 8550 garage door opener is a product that will function exactly how you want it to. With this opener, you can remote control you garage doors open or closed whether you’re in your car, in the garage, in the house, or halfway around the world. If you’re considering upgrading your garage door opener, this model is a great choice!

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