LiftMaster Gate Openers Reviews 2017

liftmaster gate opener reviews

This is a detailed article about LiftMaster gate openers reviews. LiftMaster is an American company which has been manufacturing many devices ranging from garage door openers to gate and commercial door operators for over 45 years. It is one branch of the whole Chamberlain Group which is the leader of electronics access products and accessories. LiftMaster is a trusted company and it has built a strong partnership and networks with its customers over the last decades by offering quality products.

Below is a comparison table of 5 products of the liftmaster company. The specifications chosen for that comparison are what we consider relevant when buying this type of electronic product:

  • The main power: One of the most important elements in electronic equipment. Gate can operate by AC, solar panel or battery backup. So the power of the following equipment let you know which type power source they support.
  • The accessory power.
  • The temperature: It can operate under which temperature?
  • The gate travel speed: Time spends to open the gate at 90 degree.
ModelPowerAccessory PowerTemperatureGate Travel Speed 
SL3000501U110V Single Phase24VDC, 500mA outputWithout heater:
4°F (-20°C) to 140°F (60°C).
With optional heater (HTRNB):
-40°F (-40°C) to 140°F (60°C).
12 in. per secondCheck Price
LA400PKGU24VDC or Solar Power.
120/230V Single Phas
24VDC or
Solar Power.
120/230V Single Phase
-4°F (-20°C) to 140°F (60°C).90° opening in 17-17 secondsCheck Price
LA40024VDC24VDC-4°F to 140°F(-20°C to 60°C )90° in 15 secondsCheck Price
RSW12U12VDC or Solar Powered12VDC or
Solar Powered
Without Heater:
40F (-200 C) to 1400F (600 C);
With ---Optional Heater (HTR):
400 F to 1400 F (60 0 C)
90° opening in 13-15 secondsCheck Price
LA500PKG/S24 VDc24VDC-400C to 600 c (- 400F to 1400F )90° opening in 32 secondsCheck Price

Now we are going to review each model. I will tell you which aspect of these gate openers I like the most and why I advice them to you. You should also know that the type of the gate (sliding or swinging gate) as well as the length impact in your choice.

Top 5 Best LiftMaster Gate Openers

1. LiftMaster SL3000501U ½ HP AC High Traffic Commercial Slide Gate Opener

LiftMaster SL3000501U ReviewAs the name implies, this gate opener is mainly designed for commercial building with a high traffic volume, but residential homes can also install it. With a powerful 1/2 HP motor, it can lift gates up to 37 feet in length, which is good for both sliding and swinging gates. Security+ 2.0 technology allows only one vehicle enters your property at a time due to its quick-close feature. The anti/tailgate feature prevents unauthorized access. You can operate this gate opener manually using the emergency release handle. Digital motor protection feature will shut off the motor if it reaches the stall amp for 3 seconds, reverses direction for several inches and stops.

LiftMaster SL3000501U  is a good gate opener for your commercial and heavy gates. Although there are still no reviews  about the product , due to its availability, the product has good final result from different forums consulted  even if the installation process is still not easy for non-professionals.

2. LiftMaster LA400PKGU Dual Swing Gate Opener Kit

LiftMaster LA400PKGU ReviewThis model is used for swinging gates weighting up to 550 lbs(249.5 Kg), 16 ft in length. A LED diagnostic display makes installation and troubleshooting easier. The Bi-Part Delay feature helps the gate opener monitor and adjust the speed and position of the wings in order to ensure that the primary gate closes last. The synchronized close and quick close features enable this opener closes the gate instantly after a vehicle pulls off the interrupt loop. LiftMaster LA400PKGU is HOMELINK compatible. It has a built-in security + 2.0 On-Board radio receiver.

Consumer  Review

There is one positive review about this operator and many good comments and answers: ” I just bought that system a couple of months ago for my 2 swing gates, works great!” They focuses their attention on trends like wi-fi technology or monitoring and explain how faster is the installation process for a good handy man . While the operator is expensive its installation cost are more pricey($4300) and this is the drawback. What  I can advice you, is to call for  professional in electrical technology to install it. Although you will maybe need additional technical assistance from their support staff, it will be less expensive in installation costs.

LiftMaster LA400PKGU Dual Swing Gate Opener is the gate operator for your swinging gates with an affordable price . It is quiet, easy to program , in high-demand and ensure the security of your family.

3. LiftMaster LA400 DC Residential Linear Gate Operator

LiftMaster LA400 Review LA400 Controller Box – Height: 14″, Depth: 6″, Width: 9″

The LA400 is a powerful 24VDC operator. It can operate gates up to 16 feet long and weighing up to 550 pounds, best fit your residential need for both single and double swing gates. 24VDC power guarantees brilliant torque and durability. A wonderful battery run system with DC control devices and sensing devices provides a good backup and energy storage.


  • Input connections of LiftMaster LA400 helps in non-contact sensors and external contacts like edgey devices.
  • On-board radio receiver – Compatible with all LiftMaster Security+ 2.0  315 and 390 MHz Transmitters.
  • Control inputs of LiftMaster LA400 helps in connecting to a complete range of devices like access control systems, telephone entry systems or  loop detectors.
  • Timer-to-close – Adjustable timer which can be set up  between 0 and 120 seconds.
  • Warranty –  2 years.

Consumer  Review

The product got positive as well as negative feedback . By what I have seen, The product is working well and all the features proposed by the manufacturer are presents so at that level there is no problem. What makes customers feel bad is the support team which is not only always present and also very expensive( count at least $100 per hour!! ). So be prepared to do the work of installation on your own if you cannot pay these costs.

LiftMaster LA400 DC Residential Linear Gate Operator is a good device for your residential gates. It has earned the Good Housekeeping seal.

4. LiftMaster RSW12U Residential / Light Commercial Swing Gate Operator

LiftMaster RSW12U ReviewThe fourth model is suitable for residential and light commercial gates with low traffic volume of vehicles. It operates gates up to 16 feet long and weighing up to 1,000 lbs. Good proposition for single and dual gates. The Battery Backup provides up to 147 cycles or up to 63 days. A strong P3 Motor with soft Start/Stop operation extends hardware and operator life for heavy-duty gate usage. A LED diagnostic display makes troubleshooting quite simple. This device is very easy to install due to its solar-ready ultra-reliable system.

Consumer Review

Once again, easy setting and  programming makes this product wonderful and reliable. It get a 4.0 stars at this time on amazon and a lot of positive reviews :” Easy to set up and program. Works great for me “. But the downside is the support again: “The system works well as long as you are willing to advertise for LiftMaster “.

This gate operator might seem costly, but the security of your home and family is more important. And this device will help you in that process.

5. LiftMaster / Chamberlain LA500PKG/S Dual Swing Gate Opener with LA500S

LiftMaster LA500PKG/S ReviewThis last equipment is one of the most advanced residential gate operator in this category. With a 110/220v AC supply , the Liftmaster LA500PKG/S is  designed for gates up to 18 feet length and 1,600 lbs.
A Battery Backup System: Provides up to 14 days or 500 cycles on battery backup.
Dc motors with extended brush life.


  • Security+ 2.0 Technology: Allow only one vehicle enters your property at a time due to its quick-close feature.
  • Simple-to-set electronic limit system: Maintains accurate gate position throughout gate travel Programmable auxiliary relays.
  • Advanced traffic management control includes Quick-close and Anti-tailgating functions.
  • Warranty: 2 years.

Consumer  Review

There is A lot of positive comments about the efficiency and easy-to- use functions of this operator. It is a device of a great flexibility for a handyman and good Do-it-yourselfer.

Liftmaster LA500PKG/S is another gate operator of good quality and originality. Its features make it to stand over devices of the same category.


To Conclude all of these reviews, we can say that The LiftMaster gate openers are good products in terms of advancements, reliability, programmation, and efficiency. All the customers’ reviews shown us what they experienced about those. The drawback of these operators is the customer support which is present but at enormous costs. So unless you are a handy man, you cannot handle such installations. What i  like the most is the Liftmaster LA400 because it is affordable with nice features. Have a good technician for your installations if not your gate opener will easily become a nightmare and an unsafe tool.

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