ALEKO AR1450 Sliding Gate Opener Review

Automatic gate openers are great if you have control over them, but what if you need an automatic gate for multiple users? We have read many of ALEKO AR1450 reviews and discovered that this could be just the solution to multiple gate users.

This our review of the ALEKO AR1450 and it is based on the many reviews we found online. Written here are both the positive and negative things about it.

Is the ALEKO AR1450 a good or a bad product?

ALEKO AR1450The ALEKO AR1450 is a great fit for huge commercial gates that are used by many users. With the capacity of manipulating gates up to 55’ long and 1,600 lbs. in weight, plus capable of supporting up to 100 remote controls, it would be a great fit for commercial gates with a lot of traffic.

This product is manufactured by the ALEKO brand, which has been producing their own range of automatic gate openers for the past 10 years. They are based in Seattle, Washington and many of their products are designed and made right there.

  • Can be used with up to 100 remote controls
  • High capacity motor can be used for up to 55’ and 1,600-lb. gates
  • Smooth operation for an oversized gate
  • Gear tracks are not included in the purchase
  • Doesn’t include the sensors that stop and reverse the gate when there is an obstruction
  • Not that easy to install


For an affordably priced gate opener meant for an oversized gate, this gate opener isn’t bad at all. It has a strong motor and it looks great, but you need to buy additional accessories to make it work.

Who should buy this Product?

  • This product is great for those who already have experience in other ALEKO sliding gate opener installations or those who are willing to pay a professional to install it properly.
  • This is also great for those who have an oversized gate that needs a gate opener that can handle lots of remote controls of multiple users.
  • This is also great for those who already have the gear tracks installed from a previous ALEKO gate opener system and are just looking for a replacement motor.

The best features of the ALEKO AR1450

High-capacity motor for oversized gates

Have you used the ALEKO AC1400 before and realized that it lacks power for your gate? Then, the ALEKO AR1450 is the one that you should get as a replacement.

The motor is fully capable of moving oversized gates that have a length of up to 55’ and weight of up to 1,600 lbs., which is suitable for commercial gates. The powerful motor operates in a smooth motion, making you less worried about whether the gate would accidentally tip over or crash.

DIY installation is possible

The ALEKO AR1450 manual provides instructions on how it should be properly installed. Although it may need some mechanical and electrical knowledge to fully understand it, it is possible to install this gate opener without professional help.

Supports up to 100 remote controls

Is your gate used by lots of different people regularly? Then you will be pleased that this gate can actually support up to 100 different remote controls.

The purchase just comes with 2 remote controls but you can buy more if you need them. All you have to do is to make sure that the code on the remote is the correct one so that it can control the gate opener.

Additional ALEKO gate opener parts available

Do you love tinkering and do you want to make your gate opener more tailored to your preferences? This is possible with the ALEKO AR1450 because there are different accessory parts that can be purchased and added to the system.

You can purchase more remote controls to give out to more users as well as a wireless keypad to enable better control of the gate. You can also purchase the magnet sensors or an alarm flash lamp to add more safety and security to your gate.

Manuals available online

Through their website, you have access to ALEKO gate opener troubleshooting. In case you lost your manual, the website also provides you with manuals such as those for this model, the ALEKO AC1400 sliding gate opener manual, the ALEKO AR900 manual, and many others.

What others have to say about the ALEKO AR1450

“This gate opener works great but for me, it is not a simple DIY job. This would be much easier for those who are mechanically and electronically inclined. Instructions are not of great help but they give you the general idea.”

“Instructions don’t help and it is a headache to put together and the gear tracks are not even included. But once you purchase the gear tracks and figure out how to install it, it works wonderfully.”

Notes about purchasing this product

  • The ALEKO AR1450 is available online. It is usually shipped in 24-48 hours in a 13.4” x 13” x 10” box that weighs 20 lbs.
  • If you are thinking about purchasing this product, take note that it doesn’t come with the gear tracks. Without it, this opener would not work
  • You can also add magnet sensors to your purchase to make this a safer gate opener
  • If you are unsure about the installation, it would be best to hire an expert to do it for you

Final verdict

Through the information that we have gathered from various ALEKO AR1450 reviews, we can say that this is still a good purchase and is recommended, especially to those who have oversized gates. It can support up to 100 remote controls, which makes it a great gate opener for a gate with many users.