ALEKO AR2700 Sliding Gate Opener Review

Do you find it difficult to find a door opener suited for your extremely heavy gate? This ALEKO AR2700 sliding gate opener review will help you determine whether this can really be used for your heavy gate or not.

We have created this review to make it easier to find relevant information about the product. Here you will see what is good and bad about this gate opener.

Is the ALEKO AR2700 sliding gate opener a worthy purchase?

ALEKO AR2700The ALEKO AR2700 sliding gate opener is meant for the heaviest gates, such as those that weigh up to 2,700 lbs. This is possible through the high capacity motor and the reinforced gear teeth that it uses to manipulate the heavy gates.

This is made by ALEKO company, which is one of the youngest gate opener company, having been founded in 2005. They are based in Seattle, Washington, and they employ a staff of engineers that are assigned to provide new solutions to gate opener problems and create products that are up to date with today’s technology.

  • Very quiet
  • Easy to install even when the instructions are very unclear
  • Small and compact size
  • Comes with 2 remote controls
  • Additional accessories can be integrated with the system
  • Gear tracks are not included
  • Comes with a plastic gear
  • Doesn’t include a battery


The ALEKO AR2700 offers a solution for customers who can’t seem to find a gate opener capable of managing the heavy weight of their gate. This sliding gate opener may seem small in size, but it is heavy duty and can be used for gates that are up to 2,700 pounds.

Although it includes instructions that are not very helpful, a more mechanically experienced person can install it intuitively. It comes with 2 remote controls and you have to purchase the gear tracks separately for it to work.

Who will find this product useful?

  • If your gate is made of heavy and durable metal, you can get this sliding gate opener because it is fully capable of supporting heavyweights
  • If you like to DIY, especially on mechanical things in your home, you can get this gate opener because it is easy to install even if the instructions provided are unclear

Notable features of the ALEKO sliding gate opener

Heavyweight capacity

This ALEKO gate opener is a heavy-duty one because it can be used for gates that weigh up to 2,700 lbs., and gates up to 50’ long. This is quite useful for heavier metal gates that will simply crush other gate openers because of the sheer weight.

Integrates well with other available accessories

There are different accessories that can also be used on this ALEKO sliding gate opener to make it function better. You can add locks, additional remote controls, a keypad, photocell sensor, reversing reflective photo beam, and many others.

Safety reverse feature

The safety reverse feature can be integrated in this gate opener but additional accessories such as the sensor and photo beam should be purchased.

What customers say about the product

“Great product and easy to install even if the ALEKO AC2700 manual isn’t very helpful at all. I got it to work but take note that the gear track is not included in the purchase. “

“Disappointed with the gear wheel. It got worn out in less than two months. It is made of plastic instead of metal.”

Additional information about the ALEKO AR2700

The ALEKO AR2700 sliding gate opener is currently sold on Amazon as well as on ALEKO’s own website. This product can only be used when paired with the gear tracks, which you have to purchase separately.

In order to make this a safer sliding gate opener, it would also be best to get the safety sensors and the photo beam that help identify the presence of an obstruction.

Final verdict

From this ALEKO AR2700 sliding gate opener review, you can see the good things and bad things about this product. Keeping that in mind, we would recommend the product but also getting the additional accessories to make it work and to be safer for you and other users.

Some may be disappointed with the plastic wheel but it is still durable even if it is not made of metal.