ALEKO AS1200 Electric Gate Opener Review

Is your gate bigger than the regular-sized gates, but also not too big that it can be considered as a commercial-sized gate? If you are looking for a gate opener that suits its size, then read this ALEKO AS1200 review.

This review is a compilation of the features, pros, and cons, as well as online customer reviews of the ALEKO swing gate opener. Here you’ll see what is the good side and bad side of this gate opener.

ALEKO AS1200The ALEKO AS1200 is made for gates that are larger than regular residential gates but also smaller than those you can consider as commercial gates. It is made for dual swing gates and is well known for being easy to install

The ALEKO company, which produces this dual-swing automatic gate opener kit as well as other types of gate openers, is a fairly new in the business, founded in 2005. Being a young business, they are building a reputation for their brand by providing many quality choices when it comes to their products as well as providing warranties for their products.

  • The ALEKO AS1200 manual is easy to understand, which makes installation simple
  • Made for mid-sized gates
  • Quiet operation
  • Affordable price
  • Customer service is very difficult to reach
  • Plastic housing becomes brittle and cracks
  • Gate moves slowly


The ALEKO AS1200 dual swing gate opener is an affordable option for those who have larger than usual residential gates measuring up to 10’ long and up to 660 lbs. per leaf.

According to most reviews, it is easy to install and it also operates quietly. Its great as long as it is working but when it’s not, it is very difficult to connect to their customer service; when you get connected, some of their people don’t really know much about their products.

Who is the ALEKO AS1200 for?

  • Those who like DIY installations whether they have lots of experience on it or not
  • Those who are looking for a more capable gate opener for their slightly larger than regular-sized gates
  • Those who want a more convenient way to open or close the gate while still inside their vehicle

Best features of the ALEKO AS1200 Dual Swing Gate Opener

Up To 20’ long and 1,200-lb. capacity

One of the best features of The ALEKOAS200 residential gate opener is the capacity of up to 10’ long and 600 lbs. per leaf. This makes it big enough to handle residential gates that are quite bigger than the usual but not so big that commercial gate openers are needed.

Powered by AC or DC

To operate this gate opener, you can plug it in or make use of a battery. The battery can also be powered by a solar panel, but these are not included in the purchase of the gate opener.

Compatible with other accessories

There are other accessories that can be purchased and connected to this gate opening system. Among them are the push button, wireless keypad, metal keypad cover, additional remote controls, electric lock, and others.

What other customers have to say about it

“Just installed it today and it is very easy to set up. The ALEKO swing gate opener manual has straightforward directions. The price is great too but the wire connection for the circuit board is poorly designed.”

“It was properly installed but didn’t work and customer service is very hard to reach. Left messages but still no reply.”

Things you should know about the ALEKO AS1200

This gate opener is currently available on Amazon but the warranty isn’t specified, which is why you need to contact the seller to clarify the warranty they offer.

It is available for domestic shipping only and is packed in an 18” x 7” x 35” box that weighs 28 lbs. According to most ALEKO swing gate opener reviews, they received this product in a timely manner.

Final verdict

There are mixed opinions in the online ALEKO AS1200 reviews, but we still think that it is a pretty good product that we can recommend. It is very affordable and it can be easily installed, so you won’t have to hire a professional.

It works well when you get it to work, however, we still advise those who buy this product to be prepared with lots of patience in case there are problems with the gate opener. Their customer service hotline is known for not immediately answering, and for not being helpful at all.