Best Universal Garage Door Remote Control

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When the time of your garage door remote comes to an end, you will need to go through the process of purchasing another. Universal garage door remotes are beneficial products to have. They help you save money because when you need a new remote you don’t have to get a whole new garage door opener mechanism.

Technology constantly allows for improvements on these devices. This review presents three of the best universal remotes available on the market. We believe you’ll find an item that’s compatible with your system and has the features you need.

1. Clicker KLIK1U Universal 2-Button Garage Door Opener Remote

You can operate two garages, two gates or one of each with this product. It’s compatible with most garage door manufacturers that produced models after 1993. This universal door opener is easy to set up and program.

2. Skylink 318TR Universal In-Car Garage Door Remote Control

This universal control can be synced to most garage openers. Skylink is certainly one of the best keychain universal garage door remotes around. This is primarily because it enhances your home security because you can arm and disarm your whole home alarm system from your remote control.

3. Chamberlain 3284775 Universal Garage Door Remote

With this product, you will receive all the components and replacement parts needed to operate and maintain the remote control. We found that users can trust the marketing material of this brand. The remote garage door opener works exactly according to what is advertised.

Reviews of the Best Universal Garage Remote

Clicker KLIK1U – Universal 2-Button Garage Door Opener Remote

Clicker KLIK1UThis universal remote controller is compatible with all garage doors openers manufactured after 1993. It is a good idea to enquire from suppliers to ensure syncing options.

For added convenience the 2-button design allows you to connect to two different garage doors or gate systems. It allows you to also use different types of devices. You can connect with the garage doors and the gate system if you want the minimalistic approach of only one remote for all your security systems. It’s even lightweight and compact in size so you can easily install it into your car’s sun visor.

This smart garage door opener is designed to be used with garage systems embedded with photo eye-safety sensors. This is equipment used to determine the distance between the remote and the garage doors or gates. Its application ensures the remote transmits a signal in close proximity to the home.

The Smart Learn technology ensures programming of the remote is done within a few minutes. This smart technology establishes a strong frequency connection so you can operate the devices, even when you’re meters down the road. This is perfect for when you forget to close it when you exit the driveway. The light provided indicates the frequencies are transmitting.

Things we liked
  • Set up is quick
  • It’s user-friendly
  • It’s lightweight and compact
  • The battery’s lifespan is long
Things we didn’t like
  • Instructions are difficult to follow
  • It’s not compatible with all garage doors older than 1993
  • It will control neighbors’ garage doors that have the same remote control
  • The range which affords accurate control is quite short when compared to more dynamic systems on the market

Skylink 318TR – Universal In-Car Garage Door Remote Control

Skylink 318TRThis Skylink product is compatible with a majority of leading car door opener manufacturers’ models. It’s easy to set up with no special tools required. This saves the user money in installation costs. This series’ receiver is compatible with in-car garage door buttons.

There is no limit to the number of users who can be linked to the garage door receiver. By using the same code, all members of the family will have access to your home. When you link the transmitter’s code to the receiver’s code, unlimited remotes and keypads can be added to each receiver.

Your home security will be enhanced with this universal remote control. You can arm and disarm the alarm system with the Skylink smartphone app. With the app, you’re able to view the sensor’s status. You will receive notification whenever there is activity in the garage door opener and you don’t have to pay a monthly subscription as some service providers expect you to.

Things we liked
  • You can wear it around your neck or on your keychain, instead of carrying a hefty remote
  • Great addition to have with existing remotes or receivers
  • Works with built-in visor buttons
Things we didn’t like
  • Built with cheap plastic
  • There is no “learn” button
  • Battery life is not up to standard

Chamberlain 3284775 – Universal Garage Door Remote

Chamberlain 3284775This universal remote control links to one or two garage doors or gate systems. It’s compatible with most other brands apart from Chamberlain. This remote control is very easy to program and operate. It can be easily programmed into older door or gate mechanisms. You can operate the doors or gates with one simple click of the buttons.

The 2.4-lb. weight and compact dimensions make it an ideal size to be attached to your car’s sun visors.

When purchasing this product, you will receive:

  • Applicable parts and batteries
  • Applicable replacement parts
  • One lithium battery
Things we liked
  • The body is made of strong plastic
  • It connects easily to the garage door’s mechanisms
  • It works exactly as advertised
Things we didn’t like
  • You have to be in very close proximity to your gate or garage doors in order to establish a transmitting connection
  • The remote feels flimsy
  • It only works across a short range

Buying a new remote control for your garage door opener is a time-consuming process. There are so many new aspects and features out on the market to consider when purchasing one. Most of all, upon first viewing them, you wouldn’t know exactly the benefits these features will bring.

This value selection provides all the information you need to know when out shopping for a new universal garage door opener.

Advantages of universal remote garage door openers


The more buttons you have on the universal remote, the more garage doors and gates you can sync to. It enables you to sync to the garage doors on two or more properties.

Universal visors

These are types of universal remote controls that can be left in your car. They are attached to the car’s sun visors. This adds convenience if you don’t want to carry the remote around with you and your car is left without unnecessary clutter.

Keychain remote

These types of remotes are lightweight and compact; they can be carried with your car keys. If you’re taking a walk and you do not want to carry items, keychain remote controls can be carried around your neck on a lanyard

Replace only the remote

When acquiring a new garage door remote you do not need to replace the whole unit. Universal remotes are compatible with a majority of garage door openers.

Smart garage door opener

MyQ internet gateway key

This device connects to your home’s Wi-Fi router. When combined with other MyQ devices you’re able to control and monitor your garage door & home lights from anywhere.

SkylinkNet + IFTTT

This technology from Skylink enables you to have full access to your home’s security system all from your smartphone.

This app enables you to:

  • Use your fingerprints to arm or disarm the alarm system
  • Have live view of your home’s location

Wireless keypads

Wireless keypads are convenient ways to enter your home without the use of remote controls. They are usually installed on the outside of the garage doors. You enter the home by entering a security code. This makes it perfect for visitors, or if you have forgotten your remote.


The best keychain universal garage door remote is Skylink’s 318TR model. This is the best as it provides the most security compared to the other two top contenders. The notifications mean you can monitor the garage door as it’s activated.

The universal garage door keypad allows you to have full access to your home’s alarm system. For added features, you can access it with the keychain remote.

This universal garage door opener fits well into most cars. If your car has a compatible in-car garage door button, you don’t need to worry about carrying the remote or key chain device.

The long-range garage door opener transmitter ensures you’re able to open and close the garage door from a distance. This is great when arriving home at night because the garage can be open and ready for you to simply drive in.