Chamberlain WD962KEV Review – Whisper Drive Garage Door Opener‎

Chamberlain WD962KEV Review

If you want a powerful and quiet garage door opener for the best quality, the Chamberlain WD962KEV is a great choice. It’s designed to provide quiet operation despite offering considerable power. This review will give you a detailed look at the Chamberlain WD962KEV Whisper Drive Garage Door Opener as well as well as some insight on customers’ experiences as we hope to answer your most important questions before you buy.

Chamberlain WD962KEV is among the most sophisticated and reliable garage door openers in the Chamberlain line and could be the ultimate solution to your garage door needs. It has motion activated lights and a 3/4 HPS DC belt drive system that offers quiet performance. Also worth mentioning is the battery backup system that means you can still enjoy up to 20 opening and closing cycles 24 hours after you experience a power outage. The system is MyQ enabled giving you more flexibility and control.

The Chamberlain WD962KEV Review

Chamberlain WD962KEV review

The Chamberlain WD962KEV has many distinguishing qualities that make it stand out from the sea of other products in its category.

  • Its opening and closing can be programmed in several regimes by its user depending on preference.
  • Object detection sensors are aware of any objects in the path of closure and communicate with the unit to help prevent possible accidents.
  • A feature-rich security package is integrated to ensure safety and protection of user and property.
  • The Remote control that is included allows for distance control and all of the commands are accessible from it.
  • The Chamberlain WD962KEV is resistant to extreme weather and requires no manual integration in extreme winter.
  • This model carries a lower cost than the average opener from Chamberlain which makes it a great bargain.

The Chamberlain WD962KEV’s high rating and positive reviews have persuaded our experts that this product is definitely one to consider when looking to purchase a garage door opener. Here are some of the benefits of having one.

  • The vibration isolation system is efficient and makes the opening and closing buttery smooth.
  • The garage door can be programmed to automatically close after a set interval. There are 3 timed options in this model so fewer worries about you forgetting to close your garage.
  • The installation time is fast for you DIY persons out there. The Chamberlain WD962KEV rail system allows you to set up your opener in a matter of minutes.
  • MyQ system allows the set-up of an automatic garage door light switch that turns the garage lights on whenever the garage is open and off when it closes.
  • Provided are a lifetime warranty on the motor and on the belt as confirmed by the Chamberlain support team.
  • The light sensors are average in quality.
  • The fast and easy installation process is hampered by an unclear manual.
  • The door uses the cord mechanism instead of the chain mechanism for operation.


The Chamberlain WD962KEV combines a variety of modern features with great security and safety that will bring you ease of use and the protection you need. Highlights of this model include:

  • Fastest commercially available garage door opener.
  • A Fast and Easy installation that offsets the cost of hiring technicians to install.
  • Low cost and time spent on maintenance when compared to other openers.
  • It is fully capable of operating garage doors that weigh in higher than medium weight.
  • Relatively cheap replacement parts when compared to competing models.

Using the Chamberlain WD962KEV Correctly

It is always best to take the necessary precautions when using any new piece of tech. Before setting this up for the first time consult the manual and refer to it at each step. If however, you have experience of mechanisms similar to this it would be a very easy process for you. The opener should be installed to the right of the garage door.

Read through all of the functions of the opener and how to use them. This will ensure a much smoother and fulfilling experience in the future.

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