What Hp Garage Door Opener Do I Need

garage door opener horsepower

Are you planning to install a new Garage door opener or replace what you have had for years? Do you want a unique gadget that fit your needs, those of your family or workers? Are you looking for a high reliable motor door opener for your 10 ft, 12 ft. or more garage door? There is a lot of those out there with competitive and smarts features and advancements.

What we will describe here is an exhaustive guide about the horsepower suitable for your needs.


Because you have understood that the heart of your power unit is an electrical motor with a power needed to operate it, because you know that that power depends on the weight, and size of your door opener and because you know that a bad choice will shorten the life span of your garage door (will be less than 10000 cycles) , you then want to buy the most reliable and affordable one and the right horsepower is essential in that process.


As we said before, the weight and the size of your garage door are very important for the power of your garage door opener.

  • 1/2 HP OPENER : ideal for standard single doors sizes (10 foot or less) and double garage door of 12×7 foot of average weight ( vinyl garage for example) of course.
    This is the most common and widely used door opener in homes.
  • 1/3 HP OPENER : It is the cheapest one. God for single steel garage door of 10×7, 9×7 or 8×7 and lighter doors. One of the major cons is that the life span is not high. If due to economic reasons you want to use this power for heavier door instead of using much power, know that you can but bear in mind that all your mechanism will be affected and you should maintain your garage door constantly.
  • 3/4 HP OPENER: for doors of over 14 foot.  With such power, your door opener will be able to lift heavier and larger doors. Wooden, wood composite or raised panel doors are some of them. Double and even 16 &9 ft doors will be handling without any difficulty. This power last longer and if it is very expensive when purchasing it, It present a good economical option in the long run.
  • 1 HP OPENER: for commercial and industrial doors.  This is not commonly used even for commercial purposes but they best suit large sizes of 32ftx2 inches the width.

Before you go, these are other important tips to consider:

  • Drive mechanisms:  Put it simple, garage doors openers are mechanical devices which with the help of their operator (motor )and torsion springs, open and close your garage door. But in order to achieve that, there is a trolley pulley along a track by a belt, screw or chain which constitutes the drives of the door opener.  Which type of drive mechanism do you want?  A belt type which is one the quietest solution for important pieces adjacent to the garage? A screw type which is suitable for heavy double door? A chain drive with is the least expensive garage door opener? Or the jackshaft opener used when the high difference between the garage ceiling and the garage door is not negligible (3.7m minimum)?
  • The warranty: It is important for all appliances. It helps you understanding the balance between the price and the lifespan of your device.
  • The type of door opener: Do you want a retractable, canopy, sectional, roller or side hinge door?
  • The security: This is the first reason why you install a garage door: to secures your cars and people. Then there are a lot of improvements and innovations about that from safety sensors to rolling code security technology.
  • The trends: It is about smart garage features like a Bluetooth speaker or energy efficiency door.

Making good purchase is always good for your budget, especially when the expenses are high. So take your time and if you decide to buy a garage door opener and you plan to install it in your own, this article will guide you.

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