LiftMaster Gate Opener Reviews 2020

liftmaster gate opener reviewsLiftMaster is one of the most trusted manufacturers of gate openers. The company’s legacy communicates that whether you have a sliding or a swing gate, LiftMaster is an excellent brand to consider when shopping for gate openers.

With the many LiftMaster products to select from, it’s challenging to pick the best for your particular setup. The article below presents you with the top 3 LiftMaster gate openers. The details about them should help you make your decision.

1. LiftMaster LA400PKGU Dual Swing Gate Opener Kit

The fully solar-powered dual swing gate opener can receive enough power from the sun for its functioning. This power source provides it with as much power as an electrical source.

Maximum security is achieved with this gate opener. It doesn’t allow any tailgating because the gates will immediately close after the car has crossed the sensors. LiftMaster LA400 troubleshooting is made easier because of the LED display diagnostics.

2. LiftMaster SL3000501U ½ HP AC High Traffic Commercial Slide Gate Opener

The company’s patented technology ensures that your remotes are reliable each time they are in use. When you’re at a distance from your home you can use the remote to open the gates. During this time, no interference by other infrared technology will hinder the functionality of the remote.

The P3 motor design guarantees that the gate opener will operate well even on heavy-duty gates.

3. LiftMaster RSW12U Residential/Light Commercial Swing Gate Opener

This MyQ technology-enabled gate opener allows you to monitor and control your gates from your smartphone. For this to work efficiently you will need a constant data connection. The new retroreflective eye increases the range where you can use your remote. The anti-fog lenses allow you to use the remote in any weather conditions. The LiftMaster gate opener programming is simple to understand and set up.

Reviews of the Best LiftMaster Gate Openers

LiftMaster LA400PKGU – Dual Swing Gate Opener Kit

LiftMaster LA400PKGUThis solar-powered LiftMaster dual swing gate opener is known for its reliability. A battery backup is supplied with the gate opener; the battery backup lasts weeks. This is beneficial if you want to access your house after a long holiday, or when clouds prevent sunlight to reach the solar panels. The wireless dual gate communicates similar to an electrical conduit. It’s also inexpensive, making it a viable option for most homeowners. The LiftMaster LA400 closes gates simultaneously and immediately after the car passes the sensors. The gate opens within 17s at a 90° angle

Things we liked
  • The dual swing gate operates off MyQ technology which allows you to operate it from your smartphone
  • Easy to install with no wires
  • LED display indicates diagnostics
Things we didn’t like
  • The gate opener can only sync with HomeLink 4.0 compatible cars
  • The control box temperature needs to be monitored

LiftMaster SL3000501U – ½ HP AC High Traffic Commercial Slide Gate Openers

LiftMaster SL3000501UThe patented multi-frequency control ensures there is no interception from other infrared frequencies. The distance range is double the normal standard found with other devices. With this, you can activate access to your premises, even if you’re far from the unit.

No batteries are needed to supply the power for the gate openers. The dual voltage connectors ensure the correct amount of force is available to operate the gate opener.

Cars can enter the property one at a time. The quick-close selectable feature acts as a safety measure. It prevents tailgating and giving unauthorized individuals access. For added security, this LiftMaster has a pre-motion warning system.

Reverse motion sensors are provided. If any obstacles cross the sensors during closing the gate will stop and reverse.

This LiftMaster sliding gate opener is equipped with an LED diagnostic display. This display helps you with troubleshooting problems.

The unique P3 motor gives the sliding mechanisms the control, durability and strength for 50ft gates, or gates weighing 1000lb. The heavy-duty gear driven transmission provides unmatched and consistent reliability.

Things we liked
  • The motor cover protects the electric circuits from corrosion and heat
  • The unit arrives with all the hardware needed for installation
  • It connects with MyQ Technology so you can manage it via your Smartphone
Things we didn’t like
  • No remotes are supplied
  • Installation process is long

LiftMaster RSW12U – Residential/Light Commercial Swing Gate Operator

LiftMaster RSW12UThis single swing gate opener is extremely powerful. It doesn’t need an electrical motor, as it’s powered by a solar panel.

Your gates will open at a 90° angle. It opens and closes within 13-15 seconds. This quick performance speed is maintained for gates that weigh up to 1,000 lbs., and are up to 16’ in length.

The solar panels give the gate opener power to effectively and efficiently open and close your gates. Your gates will close simultaneously, with the same speed on each side.

Up to 50 remote controls can be linked to this swing gate opener. The 2.0 onboard radio receiver ensures that the remotes don’t react to any interceptions from other infrared frequencies.

The LiftMaster dual swing gate opener is now equipped with a LiftMaster monitored retro reflective photo eye. It senses the linked remote controls from 50’. You don’t have to be at your gate to open it.

Things we liked
  • Easy to set up and program
  • Wireless keypads are compatible
  • MyQ technology enabled
Things we didn’t like
  • No remotes are included
  • On average, the installation process takes a couple of hours
  • The openers swing wide open for cars and not people

What to look for when buying a gate opener?

When you’re purchasing a gate opener, you must acquire items that are in line with the layout and requirements on site. Here are some technical tips to help you decide. They will help you choose a gate opener that will afford fast and efficient movement, and will last for a long time.

You may have seen from the reviews above how differences in gate openers and premises can determine whether users are satisfied. Are you going to tend to the detail? It will pay off in the long run.

Area of use

In which of the following areas do you want to install a gate opener?


Residential properties usually only require light-duty gate openers. The gates aren’t opened many times each day. Depending on the residential area, there are also fewer security risks.

Commercial properties usually have lots of traffic. Each car requires a gate to open and close. These causes wear and tear on the motor. For these circumstances, you need a heavy-duty gate opener and motor.

What size do you need?

A LiftMaster gate opener manual will mention the dimensions which fit with the particular gate opener. It’s essential you follow these guidelines in terms of weight and length.

If your gate is too much to handle, you risk:

  • Experiencing slow movement
  • Damaging the gate opener motors
  • Lowering the level of safety

How do you power the gate opener?

You can draw energy for your gate opener from two sources:

Regular electric currentSolar power

An outlet for this usually needs to be extended from the main building’s source.

This can be used as a backup source, or you can use this as the default system. This can save you power and makes your property more eco-friendly.

What features should you look for?


You can program the following items onto your gate opening system:

  • More remotes
  • HomeLink remotes in your vehicle

This enables you to sync an old system and a new one. Research the capabilities of the gate opener you consider. Ensure you can add additional parts to the bought system, so you’re not limited to customizing it for your unique requirements. This is essential if several vehicles require remotes to gain access to the property.

A handy safety feature is to have gates open—or at least stop—when there are obstructions in the way. This may save you from an injury or denting your car. This is not a standard measure but can be added to most systems.

The different sensors—also known as loops—that are commonly found include:

  • Exit loops: This is placed on the property. It allows the gates to open for exit
  • Safety loops: The loops are placed in front and behind the gate. The purpose of this sensor is to prevent the gate from closing on a car or object.
  • Shadow loops: Once the car passes the sensor, it triggers the gate to close immediately. This avoids tailgating and entry of unauthorized people.


If you have a dual swing gate, then the LiftMaster LA400 PKGU is your best pick. The solar-powered gate opener is energy efficient; this can reduce your costs regarding electricity usage. No matter what the weather, you will have a reliable, durable product. A gate of almost any size can be managed by this product.