LiftMaster 8360 Premium Series Review

LiftMaster 8360 Review

If you are looking for a strong, well functioned and friendly to use gates opener, then LiftMaster 8360 Premium Series DC Battery Backup Chain Drive will be the best choice for you. It has a durable mechanism that amazes users with its smooth and quiet performance, besides adding an easy solution to control it from the electronic device. Though this LiftMaster 8360 is sold at a low cost, it has an excellent quality.

LiftMaster 8360 is equipped with a powerful 3/4 HP* DC motor, roughly equivalent to a 3/4 HP AC powered model. The 8360 has two new technological features that haven’t been used in other Premium Series models: MyQ technology and battery backup system. Excellent quality with cheap price.

This LiftMaster 8360 has the following benefits:

  • You will be able to control the gate from your Smartphone and other electronic devices since it is MyQ technology enabled.
  • It has sensors that detect objects or a person and do not close the door, thus preventing the garage door from damages. With that, safety is increased.
  • In case someone tries to break down and open it, the garage door will turn on the lights.
  • Even if the power goes off, work continues due to the backup battery that it has.
  • You will be given a manual release handle for opening the door in case the battery fails.

LiftMaster 8360 Popular Features

Sensing Technology

If contact is made with your garage door while it is closing, the sensors will stop the operation immediately and reopen the door. Sensing technology not only increases safety but also saves the garage door from damages.

Protector System

It has infrared garage door sensors that will stop and reopen the garage door if the light beam is interrupted by a person, pet or object.

Security+2.0 and Posilock Technology

Every time the remote control is utilized, the 3 button garage door remote with rolling code technology will provide users with a new security code.

The Posilock system ensures that the garage door remains locked every time it’s closed.

Alert 2-Close Warning System

If you use the remote closing or the Timer-to-Close feature to close the garage door, the “Alert” gives an audible and visual warning.

Smart Garage Opener System

This amazing feature will allow you to program the device’s security codes easily by using either the garage door opener powerhead or the LiftMaster Smart Control Panel Keypad.

You can create new codes to open the door so no one can open the gate door.

Compatible with HomeLink

No need to worry if your car has installed HomeLink, as it’s compatible with LiftMaster’s Quicktrain technology.

200 Watt (max.) Lighting

LiftMaster 8360 is equipped with up to 200 watts of light with adjustable time delay and CFL light bulb compatibility.

MyQ Technology

With this technology, you can manage and control your garage door opener effortlessly by using your computer or smartphone even outside the house.

LiftMaster Internet Gateway is required to use this feature.

Long Battery Backup

It has a long battery backup. Even if there is a power outage, the system can still work for a long time, protecting cars and other necessary items.

Reliability, Durability, and Efficiency

LiftMaster 8360 Premium Series DC Battery Backup Chain Drive garage door opener meets all the UL 325 Safety Standards. It’s specifically designed and manufactured for durability and reliability.

This model is also energy-efficient as it uses less than 75% of power in standby mode.

Finally, we need to look at the pros and cons of the LiftMaster 8360 Premium Series DC Battery Backup Chain Drive W/O Rail Assembly. These pros and cons are based on the views given by different users. Using their comments, you can have your say and make up your mind on if to purchase this LiftMaster 8360.

  • One of the privileges of the unit is the long duration battery backup that enables continued work and saves you the worries of security.
  • This product is effective and efficient. It takes around 75% of the energy in a standby mode. So you do not worry about your new gate opener increasing your bill very much. The manufacturer has also considered making the device effective and efficient at the same time.
  • It comes with a high power 3/4 hp motor, which allows the door open and closes smoothly without any noise. Your neighbors and family will not hear any sound even if you come home late at night.
  • This garage door opener is easy to install. With the help of an instruction manual, you can install and set the unit without any difficult issues.
  • LiftMaster 8360 is not compatible with some built-in car controllers. Even if you have got the HomeLink system in your car, sometimes you still need to contact the HomeLink Company and ask for the option to open and close your garage door.


After reading this review, you can find that LiftMaster 8360 is a well-made and reliable product that guarantees safety and smooth work. You can change the secure code at any time. You do not have to bother about your kids and other objects that can be damaged by the door because of its awesome safety features. If you are interested in getting this product, check it on Amazon to get the best deal with shipping.

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