Mighty Mule EZGO Solar Gate Opener Kit Review

If your daily routine involves getting out of your car, opening the gate, going back inside the car, driving it through the gate, getting out of your car again, closing the gate, and then finally going back to your car to drive to work, then you need to read this Mighty Mule EZGO-SOLAR Gate Opener Kit review.

This review is due our investigation to determine if it is really worthy of your time and money.

Mighty Mule EZGO Solar Gate OpenerA closer look at the Mighty Mule EZGO Solar Gate Opener Kit

The sun’s rays are a free source of energy that can be stored in an automotive battery then used by an automatic gate opener such as the Mighty Mule EZGO Solar Gate Opener Kit.

This single gate opener comes with a solar kit with a 5-watt solar panel gate charger to provide power to your automotive battery.

Mighty Mule is the brand behind this product and they have been providing us with different gate openers ever since 1987. They produce DIY gate openers that can be installed successfully even without the help of a professional.

  • Suitable for various gates that are up to 16’ long and 550 lbs.
  • Includes a 5-watt solar panel
  • Simple installation even if you are a beginner at DIY
  • Doesn’t come with the batteries and you have to be careful about choosing the battery to buy for it
  • Heavy rains can ruin the gate opener unless you find a way to weatherproof it
  • Opens and closes the gate really slowly


The Mighty Mule EZGO Solar Gate Opener Kit is well-loved because it is easy to install, even if you are not a professional engineer. Although it doesn’t come with the batteries and it moves really slowly, it is still a good purchase because it functions as it should and it is even environment-friendly.

Who is this gate opener good for?

  • This gate opener is suitable for those who want a solar powered automatic gate opener to save on energy consumption
  • This is also great for those who would rather install the gate opener on their own regardless of whether they are well experienced in DIY or not
  • Those who want to modifiable gate opener by making it into a solar gate opener with keypad, lock, button or other accessories can do so with this model

Features Of The Mighty Mule EZGO Solar Gate Opener Kit

This gate opener comes with a solar panel that charges the attached automotive battery, and with 2 remote controls, making it possible to store one in the car and one at home at all times. This enables you to carry the remote, but still allows control over the gate for someone who is in your house.

Do you want a gate opener that locks or that provides access by using a keypad? This is possible by purchasing additional accessories such as the locks and keypads and integrating them to this gate opener.

Customer Reviews

“The solar powered gate opener reviews I read are right, the installation of the EZGO Solar was simple and the instructions provided were clear. So far so good. It’s been over a month and it is still working fine but rather slow.”

“It would have been easy to install, but there are a few missing items. I had to run to the hardware store just to get them. Once installed, it worked well for my gate.”

Other alternatives you might want to check out

If you find that this gate opener doesn’t suit your gate, you can try others such as the solar-powered sliding gate opener or a solar powered dual swing gate opener complete system.

There are different models offered by Mighty Mule and although they are different models, most of them will be compatible with the additional accessories available for purchase.

Other useful information about the EZGO Solar Gate Opener Kit

Although this gate opener includes a solar panel, you still need to purchase an automotive battery separately for it to work. The solar panel is just used to store power in the battery.

This gate opener kit is available on Amazon and it comes with a 12-month warranty and technical support.


By compiling the Mighty Mule EZGO Solar Gate Opener Kit reviews, and relevant product information, we believe that this is a good automatic gate opener. First of all, it is easy to install, and easy to use with the two remote controls provided. Secondly, there are a number of accessories that can be used to improve your experience when using this product. And lastly, it comes with a 12-month warranty and technical support.