Mighty Mule FM350 Automatic Gate Opener Review

Getting in and out of the car just to open and close the gate is such an inconvenient thing to do, especially when it is raining outside. We looked for another solution and that led us to countless automatic gate openers such as those from Mighty Mule.

We compiled information on the Mighty Mule FM350 reviews in the article to help you comb through the information to see if this is a product that can work for you.

Mighty Mule FM350 What Is the Mighty Mule FM350?

The Mighty Mule FM350 Automatic Gate Opener allows you to open and close your single swing gate of up to 16’ in length and 550 lbs. in weight by simply pressing a button.

The FM 350 is one of the most popular automatic gate openers produced by the Mighty Mule Company. They started in 1987 and the Mighty Mule store has various products that are being used in urban, rural and industrial properties.

  • Can be used with solar panels
  • Compatible with 12 V automotive and marine batteries
  • Easy to install and does not require to be welded in place
  • Affordable price
  • Replacement parts and other additional accessories are available
  • Gate opens and closes slowly
  • Low-quality materials may limit the lifespan of the product
  • Internal parts such as the motor can get wet and then stop working
  • Doesn’t include batteries


The Mighty Mule FM350 is a great automatic gate opener whether you have experience in DIY or not. It is affordable and easy to install but some may find it too slow in opening or closing the gate.

Who is the mighty mule FM350 best for?

  • Those who are not well experienced in DIY who want something easy to install
  • Those who do not have much in their budget but are looking into automating their gates
  • Those who want an automatic gate opener that can be connected to a battery source or a solar panel to make sure that it is always powered and working

The Mighty Mule 350 parts and features

Remote control operation

This gate opener comes with a remote control that you can use even when inside your vehicle, and a receiver, which would be attached to the single-piece gate opener. The receiver has a battery that is continuously charged by the included AC transformer to make sure it is always ready for the command.

Easy DIY installation

The Mighty Mule 350 circuit board can be found inside the single piece gate opener, which is very easy to install with the use of the bolts that also come with the purchase. It does not need to be welded in place and instructions are provided.

Superior performance
This gate opener is powerful enough to open and close a gate that is up to 15’ long and up to 550 lbs. It can be used for all types of gates including chain link, panel, tube, wood or ornamental gates.

Battery compatible

This gate opener is compatible with a powerful 12 V marine or automotive battery, which is not included in the purchase. Additional accessories such as a solar panel can also be connected to the battery to make sure that it is always charged and ready.

What others have said

“Installing it on the gate requires work but it isn’t that hard. It is also easy to adjust the settings.”

“This gate opener does its job. It has been working since I installed it two weeks ago. Time will tell if it continues to function like it should. Installation was easy and fast. I am happy with the product.”

“At first it worked, then it looked like it had a mind of its own. We had to reset it to work again but then it goes back to not working again.”

“Requires a battery to operate and opens the gate really slowly.”

Alternatives to the Mighty Mule FM350 for Dual Gates

If you have dual gates, you can still use the FM350 for one of your gates but you would be better off with the Mighty Mule FM502 dual gate opener. There are also other Mighty Mule dual gate opener reviews that you can read so you can determine if it is suited for your gate.

Additional things to know about the Mighty Mule FM350

This automatic gate opener doesn’t come with the battery so you have to purchase it separately. However, there is also a Mighty Mule solar gate opener that already includes a solar kit that you can purchase.On Amazon, this comes with a 12-month warranty. You will be the one to install it but if you are not a fan of DIY, you can always hire someone else to do it for you.

Final verdict

From all the Mighty Mule FM350 product information, reviews, and user comments, we can say that we recommend it if you are looking for an affordable automatic single gate opener. Not only is it affordable but it is easy to install and use.