Sommer Direct Drive 1042V001 3/4 HP Garage Door Opener Review

This garage door opener is extremely quiet with no vibrations. It has secure rolling code technology and 310 MHz including interior wall station and 2 button transmitters.

The Sommer direct drive 1042v001 ¾ HP garage door opener is among the most powerful that you can find. It has a motor with ¾ horsepower offering high performance giving the unit industrial strength that is unmatched. This is the opener you should consider if you have garage doors that are very heavy.

The best thing about the opener is that it makes a great choice regardless of what door type you have and the super performance offers reliability for a long time. You will love most the lifetime warranty support that the system comes with and long battery support that keeps the automatic operation functional even with long power outages.

The Benefits

The garage door opener has a lifetime warranty that makes it a great deal at any given time.

It is strong enough to handle all kinds of garage doors weight notwithstanding. You do not have to worry about failures because your door is too heavy when you have this system.

The opener is easy to dismantle and reinstall giving you a very easy time when replacing or changing your garage door.

It comes at an affordable price yet offers exceptional features for excellent performance opening and closing your garage doors.

The garage door opener protects against accidental damage thanks to sensors included to detect obstacles and top closing.

It offers enhanced security thanks to the rolling code technology offering you reliable access control around your home. You do not have to worry about unauthorized entries to your garage.

Main Features

  • Laser beam damage protect – This feature uses sensors which emit invisible light beams to detect any obstacles that could be on the way. Once detected, the door reverses back automatically preventing closure until the way has been cleared. With this feature, you worry less about items on the way of the door being crushed hence reduced damages to your property.
  • Smart rolling code technology – This is a theft protection feature that the Sommer Direct Drive 1042V001 ¾ HP uses. A different code is used for every time the door is shut or opened, making it very hard for intruders to gain access because they must crack the code. The changing codes will save you from worries even when you suspect that someone has the current code because it will not be valid later.
  • Industrial strength motor technology – This is the feature that makes the unit noise free and free from vibrations too. It has industrial strength travelling motor technology that offers high performance and keeps your environment from noise disturbances not matter what time you get home; you do not need to wake everyone just because you are accessing the garage with the feature.


  • The garage opener is easy to install and dismantle, giving you an easy time even with door changes.
  • It offers remote control access using a touchpad and a remote control gadget making door operation convenient.
  • It offers Homelink connectivity so you can connect your door with other devices to match your preferences.
  • The garage door opener offers quiet operation that is free from vibration.
  • It offers reliable and durable performance and comes with a lifetime warranty.
  • The opener is very powerful with ¾ horsepower motor that is of industrial strength, making it possible for it to accommodate even extremely heavy garage doors.
  • It has a smart security system that makes break-ins nearly impossible.
  • The opener package comes complete with an installation kit, meaning you will not need any extra tools to assemble and install the system.
  • It has a reliable battery backup support; you will enjoy up to thirty thousand hours of power outages with the backup.
  • You can remotely control the system using the touchpad and remote control device offering lots of flexibility.


  • The Sommer Direct Drive 1042V001 ¾ HP is slightly slower compared with other door openers on the market.
  • The touchpad and remote control are bought separately, meaning that you do not get the complete product with one purchase.


The Sommer Direct Drive 1042V001 ¾ HP is an impressive, reliable and durable product you should consider adding to your property. The best part of this garage door opener is that it offers a lifetime warranty giving you the assurance that you will not need to get another system ever with proper care and maintenance.

​The warranty also covers you when there are system faults and this is quite impressive. The thirty thousand hours battery backup and powerful motor are some of the best additional features of the garage opener.

​Apart from ensuring that you get to operate your garage door even when there is a power outage, the unit operates quietly so you do not have to let everyone know that have just arrived home like it is usually the case with most garage doors and gates.

How to Use This Product

Before getting on with the installation, take time to study the manual provided with instructions. This is the simplest way of learning how to get the installation correct and also to help you get familiar with how to operate the system once installed. Follow the directions to get it right with the first attempt.

Make a point of regularly checking the garage door opener for any irregularities. It might be low in maintenance, but maintenance checks are very important because they can save you from costly damages. Ensure that everything works properly and remains in order and contact your retailer in case there are faults. The lifetime warranty will definitely keep you covered.

To enjoy better and smoother performance, avoid using doors that are unnecessarily heavy even though it can handle a great amount of weight. The door weight that is appropriate is noted on the manual and it is best that you adhere to the recommendations to enjoy better performance using the door opener.